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Democracy Week in Canada

September 16-23, 2013 has been recognized as Democracy Week in Canada.  As part of that effort, Fair Vote Canda has launched Campaign 2015 seeking proportional representation.  Fair Vote Canada has articulated the following basic democratric rights:

  • to cast an equal and effective vote and to be represented fairly in Parliament, regardless of political belief or place of residence.
  • to be governed by a fairly elected Parliament where the share of seats held by each political party closely reflects the popular vote.
  • to live under legitimate laws approved by a majority of elected Parliamentarians representing a majority of voters.

Fair Vote Canada is asking Canadians, as part of Campaign 2015, to sign the declaration of voters rights.  Already many prominent Canadians, including Environmentalist David Suzuki, Federal NDP Leaders Thomas Mulcair, Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and foder Federal Liberal Leaders Stephan Dion have argued for a fair vote.

OSSTF/FEESO is urging members to sign the declaration of voters' rights.  As well, OSSTF/FEESO is donating $2000.00 to help Fair Vote Canada achieve the goal of proportional representation as part of its Campaign 2015.  \

The delcaration of voters' rights is at http://secure.fairvote.ca/en/declaration .