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International Day of Pink April 9, 2014

OSSTF/FEESO members take seriously their responsibilities to address all forms of bullying and harassment in our schools and workplaces. The International Day of Pink on April 9, 2014 provides an opportunity to take positive action to end discrimination and bullying while celebrating diversity.  Internationally, people have been inspired by the actions of a group of students in Nova Scotia following an incident of bullying when a grade 9 student faced homophobic taunts and threats of violence for wearing a pink shirt. Other students at the school purchased pink t-shirts and wore them as a proud gesture of solidarity, sending a message that homophobia and bullying will not be tolerated.

OSSTF/FEESO is once again supporting this initiative by sending information to districts and bargaining units to assist in promoting awareness and taking action. Staff at provincial office will again participate in recognizing this important date. We are asking local leaders to support the International Day of Pink 2014, by sharing information and resources for members in the elementary, secondary and university sectors. OSSTF/FEESO has produced helpful resources for members including Shout Out against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia, and Heterosexism,  http:/ /www.osstf.on.ca/shoutout and Still Not Laughing, a resource that challenges sexual and gender-based harassment in schools, http:/ /www.osstf.on.ca/SNL. Additional resources are found on the Day of Pink website http://www.dayofpink.org/ and in the District 24 library.