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National Beer Can Boycott

Crown Holding Beer Can Boycott


The Canadian Labor Congress (CLC) has asked all its 54 labour affiliated union members to join a national boycott against Crown Holdings Inc. by purchasing beer in bottles and not cans. One hundred twenty members of the United Steelworkers have been on strike since September 2013. OSSTF/FEESO encourages all of its members to join in the boycott as a show of support and solidarity for the United Steelworkers (USW) who have been on the picket line for over 18 months. Our federation has made a number of donations to support the local. Beer companies who use Crown Holdings cans include Molson, Coors, Labatt, Budweiser, Moosehead and Creemore. Not included in this boycott are cans of Sleeman’s or aluminum bottles of Coors, which are packaged at another unionized plant. More information about the USW strike and the Crown Holdings boycott can be found at http://www.bottlesnotcans.ca/.

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