Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
24 Waterloo

District Student Achievement Award Winners Announced

As a District, we are pleased to announce the 2016-17 winners of the Marion Drysdale Student Achievement Awards.  Thank you to all the teachers who supported our 15 nominees! Each of these winner's works of art, prose and poetry are now off to Provincial Office for Regional and Provincial voting.  We will keep you posted on how they do!

Winner in the Visual Arts B-1 Category, Intermediate Gr. 9-10:  Janet Tang from WCI, "Painful Beauty"  (Teacher Sponsor: Emilie Kalinowski)

Winner in the Visual Arts B-2 Category, Senior Gr. 11-12:  Destiny Leggo from PHS, "Is That Me?"  (Teacher Sponsor: Alexa Liebregts)

Winner in the Digital Arts B-3 Category, Gr. 9-12:  Sarah Eadie from KCI, "Mirror, Mirror, Let Me Go"  (Teacher Sponsor: Jason Schmuck)

Winner in the Prose and Poetry A-1 Category, Intermediate Gr. 9-10, Applied/Essential: ESL DOI Class from GCI, "#thankful"  (Teacher Sponsor: Leigh-Anne Lowes) 

Winner in the Prose and Poetry A-2 Category, Intermediate  Gr. 9-10 Academic: Annabella Cairns from KCI, "How To See With Your Eyes Shut"  (Teacher Sponsor: Melinda Paas)

Winner in the Prose and Poetry A-3 Category, Senior 11-12 University: Jacquelyn Morley from WCI, "Your Life In My Eyes"  (Teacher Sponsor: Stephan Latour)

Winner in the Prose and Poetry A-5 Category, French, Gr. 9-12: Kate Foster from GCI, "Libre" (Teacher Sponsor: Jazmine Muller-Germann)