Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
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OSSTF Judicial Council Vacancy

Volunteers Needed! Consider applying for this role!

OSSTF Judicial Council members selected for appointment by the Provincial Executive will serve five (5) year terms beginning July 1, 2014.  JC members can also concurrently serve on other OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Standing Committees or Councils.


i. Possessing an extensive and thorough knowledge of the OSSTF/FEESO Constitution, Bylaws, organizational structure, and established practices and procedures

ii. Previous experience in successful conflict resolution at the workplace, bargaining unit, district and/or provincial level would be beneficial.

iii. Experience in quasi-legal proceedings would be an asset.

iv. Bilingualism in French and English would be an asset.


The Judicial Council shall:

i. Provide members to act on formal Hearing Committees to adjudicate cases filed under Bylaw 8;

ii. Provide a minimum of three members to act as the panel in a formal hearing of Judicial Council; and

iii. Conduct hearings in accordance with Bylaws and regulations governing hearings as approved by the Provincial Assembly or Provincial Council and shall, following its decision, forward its decision to the Provincial Executive for implementation.


Judicial Council members must be able to receive time release from their employer. There is a minimum of three (3) meetings per year for the council. In previous years, the number of days Judicial Council panelists have been present for hearings has ranged from zero (0) to ten (10) or more days.


June 16, 2014

Application Process

Interested candidates are to submit, via mail (60 Mobile Drive, Toronto, ON, M4A 2P3), fax (1.416.751.7079), or email (rob.dubyk@osstf.ca), by 4:00 p.m. on June 16, 2014 the following documents to Rob Dubyk, Secretariat Liaison to Judicial Council:

i. a letter of application outlining their suitability for the position; and


the name and contact information of two (2) OSSTF/FEESO members, of which one must be in a leadership role at the Bargaining Unit, District, or Provincial levels, who may be contacted as a reference as part of the selection process.