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Equal Pay Day April 11

Equal Pay Day is the date that symbolizes the number of days women must work in order to  make the same average wage as men. In 2017, women will have to work an additional 101 days, or the equivalent of working until April 11, for their average annual earnings to equal that of men.

Although pay equity is the law in Ontario, women continue to earn on average, 30% less than men. This pay gap affects women of all ages and education levels. Women of colour, Aboriginal women and women with disabilities face the worst discrimination.

The Equal Pay Coalition (EPC) is comprised of dozens of unions, women’s groups and community organizations seeking to end gender pay discrimination and close the gender pay
gap through legislation, collective bargaining and social initiatives. OSSTF/FEESO is a member of the Equal Pay Coalition. Through the EPC and the OFL, OSSTF/FEESO is providing input to the Ontario government’s Gender Wage Gap Working Group.

OSSTF/FEESO members are encouraged to wear red on April 11th to mark Equal Pay Day.

Attached to this memo are Equal Pay Day Flyers and a pamphlet which may be distributed to members. Bargaining unit leaders and members are encouraged to visit the Equal Pay
Coalition website at http://equalpaycoalition.org/ for more information about rallies and activities across the province. Members with Twitter accounts
are encouraged to retweet Equal Pay Coalition messages by following @EqualPayON.